#VR for Everybody? Some thoughts on crowdfunding DH

I am on a team in the midst of running a crowdfunding campaign at Experiment.com. I can’t say much about whether it will work — I’ll have to let you know after the campaign — but I can tell you why it’s happening!

When I tell people we’re running a crowdfunding campaign for our digital humanities (DH) project, their first question, before even asking about my project, is “why?” Why would you fundraise? It’s a good question: I’m a tenured professor at a “research college,” and I direct a digital humanities program at Five Colleges. What you should hear in that declaration is you have affiliations; you have access. But it is precisely because of this access and affiliation that I also have to think about what it means to not have it. Whether I admit it or not, I have joined the gatekeeping class.

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