66 :: Reminder + MLK recording

MLKHello all!

Just in case you have forgotten in the haze of paper-writing, remember that all you need for Tuesday is to have listened to the Martin Luther King, Jr. recording, “I’ve been to the Mountaintop,” and also be ready to talk about “Like a Winding Sheet.”

Chances are slim that we will get to the King on Tuesday, insofar as it seems that you all have a lot to say about the Petry story. Looking at the iMix link, it looks like the King is not there. Click here to download the audiobook version, which has a fabulous introduction/background piece at the beginning. And I am sorry I cannot get a copy to you, but my laptop died over the weekend, taking its riches to its grave (or at least the apple store in Holyoke!).

Here is a clip from the end of the speech, to watch AFTER you’ve listened to the rest. It’s only the last minute or so, but it is nice to get a visual to go with the voice.

Also, more resources are listed after the video.


  • Text of some other important but less-known today King speeches
  • Text of “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop”
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